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Find answers to some of our most asked questions!

If you couldn't find the answer you're looking for, do not hesitate to contact us!

What is Acai?

One of the most nutritious and delicious among the superfood squad! Acai Berry is found on the acai palm trees in the South American rainforest.

These are some of the goodies the berry contains. 

- High antioxidant

- High in Fiber

- Heart-healthy fat

- Calcium

Tips: Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-EE)


Is there sugar in our Acai bowl?

NO! worries not. We understand that sugar is bad for you and we only want to serve the good stuff at The Bowl Phuket!

The sweetness in our Acai bowl is from bananas.


Is  granola gluten-free?

All of our ingredients used to make granola are gluten-free.

However, we certainly can't say whether the raw oats we imported have been cross-contaminated or not.

So, our suggestion is that if you're very concerned about gluten consumption please ask our staff to remove the granola entirely from your order.


Do you serve Vegan options at your cafe?

Yes! we do. We have a wide variety of vegan options at The Bowl Phuket.

Our most popular vegan poke bowls are the buddha bowl and the power vegan bowl.

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